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Digital dress costs $9,500?

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In this week post, I wanted to talk about something that I found last year when I was in school and intrigued me. I haven't spoken about this because to be completely honest with you I forgot about its existence, but recently I start looking up at new technologies in fashion and came upon this digital dress again. As I made a previous article about CGI influencers and how they are starting to grow more and more, I said that maybe this subject will be great to discuss as well.

Without further ado, let's start discussing this overpriced dress!

In 2019, London based start-up Favourup held a panel discussion where multiple subjects were discussed and analysed, as well as should fashion be digitalised in order to be worn. A lot of people in the meeting through that even with digitalisation, mass consumption would not be reduced that easily. This held a very interesting point of view from consumers as the brand Favourup is a pioneer in virtual fashion.

What we can understand from this meeting/ discussion is that even if there would be a decrease in fast-fashion due to digitalisation, it is still not yet accessible to a huge number of people.

Favourup is a brand that specialised in digital clothing with the help of 2D garment pattern-cutting software and 3D design software. It helps that they have, as well, very good film production tools to bring to life a garment from nothing.

The dress that made headlines in 2019, from this label, is called ‘Iridescence’ in collaboration with Johanna Jaskowska, Beauty3000 and Dapper Labs. It was first presented in New York at Ethereal Summit and was auctioned for $9,500.

To be truthful, the dress is amazingly beautiful. It has an aspect that makes us think of out of this world, maybe because is in fact not real and it only shows on screens. We came a long way to be able to create digitalised fashion clothes but it is really worth $9,500 for something that doesn't even exist?

In regards to this, we need to look at how the owner of the ‘Iridescence’ dress wears it. In fact. it is quite a simple process, there are 28 days from the acquisition where the owner needs to present some photos of themselves so that the label can custom-fit the digital garment on it. Easy peasy right? But the garment will be solely on those photos and maybe on some other digital content.

When we discuss if the dress is worth $9,500, it is good to keep in mind that it is a blockchain digital asset which entitles as cryptocurrency. Is it still worth investing in it? We don't have an answer to that.

But one thing is pretty clear. We are slowly coming up with different forms of digitalised day-to-day items and it is not sure when our whole life will consist of only technological attributes.

Hope you enjoyed this week article! It is not that long but it showcases a very nice discussion about the future of fashion and humankind.


THE FABRICANT (2019) IREDENCE. Available at