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Romanticism in a new era - Jacquemus L’Amour

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Recently, I have been in writing block, as you all been noticed. I have struggled with the content that I wanted to put out there for you guys. I didn't want to be like all the other blogs out there that showcase information founded on multiple other channels. It is hard to come up with things to write that, you as well love and can be as informative as they can be.

Because of that, I took some weeks off thinking where I wanna go with my content and finally got an answer. As I love fashion, obviously what I will write will be focused on it but with a twist. My audience may be people who love fashion and are up to date with the news and trends or people who don't care that much about style and what designers are creating at the moment. Because of that, I decided to share with you, moments in fashion that inspire me, that make my creativity flow and that ultimately are a milestone.

Without a further say, today I am gonna talk about a fashion show that left me speechless with its overpowering sense of belonging and creativity, in a time where our actions are limited.

That show is Jacquemus L’Amour Spring 2021. For the people who are invested in fashion, you might know the brand for its beautiful flowing dresses and structured shoes and let's not forget 'mini bag'. Jacquemus made its name in the last couple of years, as a brand that is loved by many and that its garments are as unique as the point of view that the designer tries to portrait in them. I love the brand, I think it is a fresh breath in an overpowered industry.

His new collection 'Menswear 2021' that louched Thursday 16th of July, made head turns for many. After his previous collection that as well made the internet go wild, "Le Coup de Soleil", the one that was showcased in a lavender field celebrating his 10 Year Anniversary of the brand, we go back again to a serene environment.

This time the brand chose a village outside of Paris, Val-d’Oise. As with the world-changing based on Covid-19, restrictions were made to help people social distancing in a safe surrounding. The number of guests were in total 100, less than previous years to help maintain the rules embellished by France, distanced throughout a 600 m long wood plank runway. The scenery was something to behold as it was a full field of wheat, as Jacquemus said in an interview for Vogue, the location was picked to symbolise “like a simple country wedding or a harvest festival”.

The collection was meant to portrait the love that can be achieved even in times of great hardships.

'But what’s so beautiful about L’Amour is how it can endure—sometimes even grow stronger—in the absence of people being together'

As the name suggests, romanticism was a key aspect that influenced the collection and it can be seen through the designs on the runway. The garments appeared with Picasso motifs, wheat sheaf beadings embellished in the materials, sun-washed colours, all portraying a typical carefreeness found in the Southern French.

The collections, as beautiful as it was to be seen, added some fun details that help elevate the whole scenery such as a Chiquito handbag and leather accessory harnessing plate.

A lot of brands decided for this fashion week, that is shadowed by the repercussions of Covid-19, to hold back and live-stream their collections. Jacquemus in regards to this added:

“For me, the runway can’t be a video. It’s at the heart of what we do; it’s not superficial. It’s important to all of us to continue, just like a restaurant that reopens. It’s like a movie of a summer day. It’s our life.”

For the upcoming fashion week in September, it has been confirmed that it will take place in physical form in London, Milan and Paris.

Thank you for supporting me and reading this blog post!

See you next time!

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