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Stylish on-demand

Hey guys, how are you?

I hope you're having a great day!

In this post, I wanted to try something new that I haven't done before. Showcase a look and talk about it. I know it is quite different then what I did before, where I would take a subject and analyse it, or even sharing stories from my life. This is a fashion blog, and what I love is not only sharing my perspectives from the industry but as well as the creative aspects which entitle dressing up and taking pictures. So I decided without further thought to just go with this.

This type of posts will be short, concise and have more photos, maybe even videos, explaining the look.

I decided to name this look 'Stylish on-demand' because it has incorporated some key pieces of garments that are on-demand at the moment and that are fashionable in their minimal way.

The story behind this look revolves around a beautiful day in London. As we all know, The UK is not exactly known for its very beautiful weather, but once in a while the sun decides to show up and the scenery is always breath-taking. For this specific photo-shoot, the scenery is not the most amazing but I feel like it adds up a certain spicy to the look which I love it.

'Stylish on-demand' is all about being comfortable, chic and empowered in what you're wearing.

The make-up is the classical winged cat eye-liner, that fits perfectly in almost any occasion and a nude-brown lipstick that it is not too overpowering.

Hope you enjoyed this little look and see you next time!


Blazer: MANGO

Blouse: NA KD

Pants: H&M

Boots: ASOS


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