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Updated: May 21, 2020

This week I wanted to talk about trends and what are the upcoming ones for the season S/S 20 ( spring/ summer).

As I am a fashion student at London College of fashion, our resources for research and learning are vast, with that I can use different databases to back up my work. For trends and forecasting, the one that I usually research on is WGSN, because I find that their predictions usually come true.

But before I am diving in with what you should expect for S/S 20, I want to talk a little bit about what trends are and how can you spot them.

Fashion is a society’s reflection, at a certain period in time. Fashion is the liberty of showcasing what you want to be, portrayed in different styles.

Fashion has trends that come and go. Trends, we define as a particular style that is pleasing the masses, so that it can live for a particular period of time.

Fashion trends came and go, there are forever changing. I believe everyone knows how popular were blazers and knits in the 90s and 2000s and for almost 18 years there wasn’t a major staple in someone’s wardrobe but now they are back.

The trends that I am gonna show today are the ones that, after research, I believe will be the next big ones.

'Rebirth of art’- like I want to call it, focuses on art and how that is reinterpreted on different materials. It is mainly from the renaissance period and the disclosure of the paintings is detailed oriented.

‘ Flower power’ - like the name suggest is revolved around flower patterns. Nature-inspired, this trend will showcase femininity in every woman.

‘Knit / Blazer’ - I think by this time everyone knows about the blazer trend, cause it has been going around for almost two years, and it doesn’t seem to go away any soon. This time, the blazers and knits are modern looking with a touch of reforming.

‘Tropical vibes ’ - this trend is focusing on illustrating palm leaves, flowers, and summer chill. Everything that can give the feeling of a relaxing holiday at the beach is ideal.

I hope you guys like it!

Until next time!


WGSN (2020) Women's & Young Women's Forecast S/S 20: Empower Up! Available at:


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